JAN 17TH - Consignment Report

Ft. Pierre Livestock
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Saturday, January 17th

Special Bred Cow & Hfr & Fall Pairs Sale

2000 Outstanding Quality Bred Females  

Big Run Weighups 8 AM CT- Bred Cattle 1 PM CT (12 Noon MT) 


(Bred Hfrs)

McKnight Complete Disp, 400 Outstanding Quality PB Angus hfrs (1100-1200) bred LBW Ang

clf 3-8 12 days & 3-22 18 days & 4-15 15 days (all in town-approx 55 hd can be registered)    

     These hfrs originated from the Wilkinson Angus, Kukuchka Bar 69 Angus, Sletten Angus,        

     Pine Creek Angus & McKnight Ranches, and will be sorted & sold accordingly.

Lemler, 130 HR Red Angus hfrs(1000-1050) bred LBW Beckton Red Angus, clf 3-25

(14 day intervals)

Booth, 126 Blk hfrs (1000-1100) bred LBW Angus, clf 3-14 (15 day intervals)

Hoarty, 150 B,Bwf hfrs (1050-1100) bred LBW Jorgenson Angus, clf 3-10 (20 days)

Tschetter, 50 1st X Bwf & 50 Ang hfrs (1100) bred LBW Fulton Ang, clf 2-10 (20 days)

Stulken, 20 Hereford hfrs (1100) bred LBW Jorgenson Angus, clf 2-15

Stulken, 25 Red Angus hfrs (1100) bred LBW Red Angus, clf 2-15 (21 day intervals)

Spiel, 1 Bwf hfr, bred Angus, clf 4-1 (25 days)

Brink, 1 Blk hfr, Bred Blk

Bred Cows

McKnight Complete Disp, 44 HR PB Angus cows (coming 3’s) bred Angus, clf 4-1 (all in town)

            Plus, 12 older Angus cows, bred Angus, clf 4-1

Iversen Share Cow Disp, 85 B,Bwf cows (coming 3’s) bred Angus OCC sires, clf 4-15 (65 days)

Thomas Disp of Bwf cows, 55 Bwf cows (3 to 9’s) bred Blk, clf 3-10 (60 days)

Thomas Calving Disp, 66 Blk cows (3 to 9’s) bred Blk, clf 5-1 (30 days)

Heart River, 170 Blk (35 Bwf) cows (3-5’s) bred Blk, clf 4-1

Heart River, 80 Red cows (3-5’s) bred Char & Red, clf 4-1

Schortzmann, 18 B,Bwf, few Red cows (3-7’s) bred Blk, clf 3-25 (65 days)

Ishmael Calving Disp, 30 Blk cows (4 to BM) bred Blk, clf after June 1

Brockel Calving Disp, 20 Angus cows (yng to BM) bred VanDyke Angus, clf 6-1

Lemler Age Disp, 50 Red Angus cows (SM-BM) bred Red Angus, clf 4-15

Stockert Age Disp, 45 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Wilken & Maher Angus, clf 4-1 (60 days)

Pillote Farms, 35 Angus BM cows, bred Angus, clf 4-1

D & D, 16 B,Bwf cows (SM-BM) bred Triangle S Angus, clf May/June

Hotchkiss, 15 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Angus, clf 3-20

Senn, 20 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Char, clf 3-15

Fauske & Sons, 15 B, Bwf BM cows, bred Angus, clf 3-20 (60 days)

Lauing, 11 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Blk, clf 3-10

Barnes, 16 Blk BM cows, Bred Blk, clf 3-20 (50 days)

Gray, 12 B,Bwf BM cows. Bred Ang, clf May & June

Wagner, 10 Blk BM cows, bred Hereford, clf 3-5

Long Turkey, 10 B,Bwf BM cows, bred Fulton Angus, clf 4-20

Senn, 7 Red Angus cows (SM-BM) bred Red Angus & Hereford, clf 3-15

Grimes, 6 Blk BM cows, bred Blk, clf 3-25

Spiel, 5 Bwf cows (4-5’s), bred Angus, clf 4-1 (50 days)

Marshall, 1 Red cow (3’s) bred Blk Angus, clf 4-1

James-Cattle Dev Center, 42 Blk fall pairs (4’s) w/1/2 blood Wagyu clvs-cows open

Plus many more by sale day 



Dakota Auction GroupFor more information call 1-800-280-7210.
Market reports, listen to KGFX radio 1060 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:43 AM CST or KBHB Radio 810 AM (Sturgis) every Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 8:20 AM MT or KOLY (Mobridge) every Saturday morning at 8:45 AM CT. We are always glad to come out an look at your cattle and give you an estimate.

Thank you!

We would like to take this time to say Thank You to all of our customers, both consignors & buyers alike, for your business over the past year as well as the past many years.

We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

As much as our business is about cattle, it is even more about people. How very fortunate we are to get to do business with some of the finest people in the world.

Again, we say Thank You!!!